When purchasing by bank transfer

If you would like to purchase by bank transfer, please let us know in advance from the inquiry form.
[Bank transfer destination]
■ Aomori Bank (0117) Misawa Branch (602)
Account number: (normal) 3103113
Account name: Kodo Swordsmark Association Co., Ltd.
■ Japan Post Bank (9900)
Symbol: 18480 number: 4086251 account name: Ichiro Yamamoto
■ Aomori Bank (0117) Misawa Branch (602)
Account number: (normal) 1094239 Account name: Tachiyukai Yamamoto
[Transfer destination from overseas]
■ Swift Code: AOMBJPJT
Bank Name (Bank name): The Aomori Bank LTD.
BRANCH NAME (branch name): Misawa Branch
Beneficiary Bank's Branch Address (Bank Branch Address): 1-2-3, CHUO-CHOU, Misawa-Shi, Aomori, Japan 033-0001
BRANCH NO. (Store number): 602
Account No. (Account number): 602-3103113
Beneficiary Name (account name): kobijyutsu toyuukai, ltd.
Beneficiary Address: 17-244, Horiguchi, Misawa-Shi, Aomori, Japan 033-0022